Alexander The Great Strategy Board Game


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Follow young Macedonian King and his small but effective army on their long campaign of conquest in the East. On the way, enemies are subdued, cities are founded and magnificent temples are built. As a result, Alexander will rule a huge empire, where all citizens enjoy the same rights. Includes:• Large game board• 75 resource markers• 50 temples• 40 cities• 10 wooden playing pieces• 5 player boards• 5 screens• 1 player aid card• 1 rules booklet The players earn points for conquering provinces, building temples and founding cities. The winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the game. He may call their self heir to the throne of Alexander the Great. Product Information:• Alexander the Great• Strategy Board Game• Play time: 75+ mins• Players: 2-5• Ages: 10+