Fevre Dream


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Abner Marsh has had his dearest wish come true – he has built the Fevre Dream, the finest steamship ever to sail the Mississippi. Abner hopes to race the boat some day, but his partner is making it hard for him to realise his ambition. Joshua York put up the money for the Fevre Dream, but now rumours have started about the company he keeps, his odd eating habits and strange hours. As the Dream sails the great river, it leaves in its wake one too many dark tales, until Abner is forced to face down the man who helped to make his dreams become reality.About the Author:George R. R. Martin is the bestselling fantasy author behind the ground-breaking series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. The television adaptation of this series ‘Game of Thrones’ has grown into one of the most captivating TV shows of all time. Martin has also written accompanying literature to A Song of Ice and Fire, including successful novels such as Tuf Voyaging as well as several collections of short stories and scripts for television. Time magazine labelled him as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world. Product Information:• ISBN: 9780575083042• Author: George R. R. Martin• Publisher: Orion• Format: Paperback• Pages: 391• Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 2.5cm


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